How to write a thesis statement for a problem solution essay

What sort of dress code is appropriate and helpful. Give a real-life example or scenario showing adoption of your plan and how it works. What should you do if you don't get something you expected and hoped for like a scholarship, college admission, or acceptance into a special program.

How can cheating in school be best handled. How can that city be made more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. What can be done about parents who push too hard for their children to achieve in sports, academics, fine arts, or another area.

Who is your audience. What can be done about parents or coaches that push kids too much in sports. What should be done to prevent sexual assault on college campuses. How can schools help develop a healthier society.

100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays

Should there be any changes to the current laws of your state. Remember you can adapt these general ideas to fit your own school, town, or situation.

Both argument and problem solution essays: How can coaches best encourage their athletes to do their best. What are the warrants values or strong beliefs your audience holds about this type of subject.

Cite convincing facts, statistics, or expert testimony on the solution or the problem. Solution s for the problem: How can schools attract and keep outstanding teachers. How can colleges help students who are failing get back on track. What can be done to help relieve stress in college.

Education If you choose a problem solution essay about education, you can narrow your paper's topic to talk just about your own state, or even your own school.

Vividly describe a problem or situation Have a viewpoint they want to convince the reader to understand Want the reader to believe, do, or think something May want the reader to take action Problem Solution Essays Give a Detailed Plan: How can kids be persuaded not to experiment with illegal drugs.

What should be done to make gifted and talented education programs effective. Source What should be done about the problem of texting while driving.

Should parents be held responsible for the obesity of their children.

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How should a coach or player handle media interviews when they lose a big game. How can we solve the problem of school shootings. Both argument and problem solution essays: How can we handle the problem of online data mining or the fact that data brokers are selling our information to advertisers, employers, health insurers, and credit rating agencies.

Argue that the solution is practical, feasible, cost-effective, and workable.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay: Step-by-Step Instructions

How can parents of college students let go. Where do you and your audience have common ground. What should teachers and students do to prevent cheating?. "In a problem-solution essay, the thesis statement usually proposes the solution.

Because readers must first understand the problem, the thesis statement usually comes after a description of the problem. The thesis statement does not have to give details about the solution. Instead, it summarizes the solution.

The purpose of your outline is to provide you with a very specific road map for your essay. If you have a strong, well-written outline, written the essay should not be that problematic because you will have what you want to say in the correct order. Specifics: Equal parts should be written in parallel form.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay: Step-by-Step Instructions

To avoid this problem and work with structure, one must know how to write a good thesis statement. One more solution is to contact online writing services and ask the best writers to help with your thesis. The problem-solution thesis statement can be one sentence or two.

Whether it is one or two sentence, it needs to clearly state what the problem is and why it is a problem, and then possible solutions. The rest of this lesson describes how to write each part of a problem-solution essay. Thesis Before you even begin to write, you must develop a thesis, which is the one statement that outlines.

Sep 06,  · To write a persuasive solution essay, you need to organize carefully. Your main goals are: you can ask your thesis question and then give your solution idea as the thesis statement.

Here are some tips: Look at my "Ways to Solve Problems Chart" on the "How to write a problem solution essay." The chart includes all of the different ideas Reviews:

How to write a thesis statement for a problem solution essay
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